The personnel of Golden Edge Engineering Pvt. Ltd. are the inheritors to provide construction services in a professional manner to exceed the needs of our clients.
Golden Edge Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is here for the long run. We intend to remain a viable force in the marketplace through competitive prices, quality craftsmanship , timely project completion, and two-way communication with all our clients.

The most commended and liable value by:

  • Delivering quality projects, on time, under budget and safely.
  • Driving our assets at benchmark level.
  • Growing the GEEPL business across geographies.


“Live neither in the past nor in the future, but let each day’s work absorb your entire energies, and satisfy your widest ambition”.
We aim for excellence in the Execution, Planning, Controlling and meeting deadlines of projects with maximizing client satisfaction.
Employee recognition
Our greatest asset is the professional we employ. They work as a team, towards the same goal. Our company trains, listens to and communicates with its employees, and makes a point of recognizing the contribution of each of them.
Individual responsibility
The work force working on our projects enjoy a wide measure of autonomy and have all the means they need to do their job. In return, we expect loyalty and transparency.
We at GEEPL work harmoniously with a shared vision, energized by our collective talent. We Trust, Listen to, Share with and Empower team members and take collective responsibility for the results.
Continuous Learning
We at GEEPL strive to continuously learn and consistently set higher standards of performance. We learn together on a day-to-day basis. We change to learn, and learn to change at a fast pace in order to excel; ultimately creating an edge in everything that we do.
Since every project is unique, we harness our creativity to find customized solutions that meet even the most complex requirements of our clients and the end-users.
we own up to our words, actions and outcome. When we commit to do something, we own it and we do it- decisively and responsibly.